Links to the websites of contributors to The William Blake Birthday Book and recent news of their events, exhibitions, etc. For full biographical details and Blakean statement from each contributor go here>

Felicity Roma Bowers p7

Moyra Caldecott p53

Karen Camp p58

Brian Catling p10

Michael Chaitow p28

Kristin Charlesworth p49

Paul Francis Cheetham Alias p55

Michael Collins p37

Jane Dowling p19

Clare Elwes p17

Helen Elwes p14

Teresa Elwes p1

Harry Eyres p57

Inter Ference p38

Lara Fiedler p20

Rose Flint p48 Rose Flint, book launch in Bath

Olivier Garbay p8

Veronique Giarrusso p59

John Gibbens p2

Polly Gould p36

David Harrison p41

Liza Hayden p51

Justin Hedley p13

Tim Heath p46

Michael Horovitz p6

Gemma Ireland p22

Parul Jani p34

Patricia Jordan p9

Linda Landers p33

Jeanette McCulloch p31

Andrea McLean p4

Niall McDevitt p39

Kevan Manwaring p52

Jan Martin p56

Barbara Mercer p40

Stephen Micalef p15

John Michell p61

Simon Miles (1956 – 2005) p23

Adrian Mitchell p5

Helen Moore p29

Chris Orr p25

Robert W. Palmer p45

Stan Peskett p47

Tom Phillips RA p32

Peter Alfred Please p54

Paul Podworski p3

Sally Pucill p16

Jay Ramsay p20

Jude Rawlins p42

Jane Roberts p1


Madeleine Shaw p44

Hannah Swain p26

Gwen Turner p50

Christopher Twigg p35

Clare Tyler p3

Marc Vaulbert de Chantilly p43

Roger Wagner p18

Piers Wardle p24

James Wilkes p12

Robin Williamson p27

Bina Williamson p60

Partou Zia p21

Ruskin Watts supplement p22


One Response to “News and Links”

  1. victorvertunni Says:

    Hi Fellow Blakeans,

    I’d just like to post a link to my labour of love, “William Blake’s Songs of Innocence and of Experience”, the CD. It’s available as a digital download, but you can listen to all the tracks on the online player. Hope you love them!


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