The William Blake Congregation consists of an informal, open and egalitarian network of creative people united by their love for William Blake. The Congregation, founded by the late Simon Miles, poet, in 1986, annually celebrates Blake’s life and work on his birthday, 28th November, at Tate Britain, 1pm, and at his grave on 12th August. Open to all. All are welcome to bring a poem or song to share.

View “Recent Posts” for upcoming events.

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of his birth, in 2007, members Felicity Bowers, Helen Elwes and Stephen Micalef co-curated and published “The William Blake Birthday Book”, a collaborative artists’ illuminated book, consisting of hand-drawn pages bringing together words and images as Blake did in his books.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Daniel de Cullá Says:

    I adore Blake.
    You’re Yes and I enjoy Yr Verb¡
    Kisses and Blessed Be¡

  2. Sharon Smith Says:

    How I wish I could be there for the next November 28 celebration!

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